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Tuesday afternoon -- Dzibanche!

↓ Almost there. Most everything seems very well signed. ↓
82 road sign

↓ Wow! See those little people? That’s Josh and Mary ↓
83 little people big temple

↓ Our first example of a false arch.
Apparently, the Mayas never used a keystone, (the Romans did). ↓
86darker --Joe holding up a false arch

↓ A long sheer wall with vines.
My own Tarzan! (or should I say Indiana Jones?) ↓

90brbr sheer wall with vines

↓ We had to stop and explore the perimeter ledges as we went up this,
the first tall pyramid that was OK for us to climb. See below him... ↓
89 tarzan

↓ This was exciting. Joe was looking at the back wall — totally sheer, no steps. ↓

92 looking around back

↓ Maidenhair fern and purple Aloe vera. I was surprised to find maidenhair fern.
I always associate it with cool climates, but found it was common at the ruins around here. ↓
94cr  maidenhair fern

↓ Cute little spotted frog ↓
97cr frog

↓ Leaf-cutter ants (again) ↓
02moalcr leaf-cutters

↓ Elevated plaza full of trees, with a pyramid on top of it (behind the trees). ↓
05 plaza of trees

↓ The tree in the foreground is growing out of soil that is the same level as the plaza we just crossed.
However, current archeological activity here shows that
the courtyard these steps are rising from was actually once 2 or 3 feet lower.
Mary and Joe are looking at... ↓
10 excavated bottom steps

↓ This artifact ??!! ↓
11 – a dog maybe?

↓ Across the courtyard we spotted this big tree on the corner of another partly excavated structure. ↓
14 big tree 1

↓ We climbed this one too... ↓
18 climbed a bigger one

↓ All the way... ↓
19 in progress

↓ The view from the top —
looking at the one we’d climbed a few minutes earlier. (The one without a back side.) ↓
24 view from the top of another

↓ That same big tree again from above. ↓
26 big tree from above

↓ Going down. It’s a big step from that corner. ↓
27 going down

↓ More going down. That’s Susan, Mary & Josh ↓
31 more down

↓ Some bas relief with traces of red paint still visible ↓
30 red paint

↓ There is that big tree again. Can you find Joe? (He is in the shade.) ↓
33 Joe and big tree

↓ The sheer back wall. Not a design we saw a lot.
(Right. It is not totally sheer; there is a crumbling little ledge.) ↓
34 sheer back wall

↓ A little variety. It doesn’t have to be all stone. ↓
37 violets?

↓ Just a little unmarked structure along the road on the way back to the highway. ↓
39 unmarked ruin

↓ Josh was driving and he and I both saw this tarantula crossing the road in front of us.
He was moving pretty fast (and the spider was too),
but we stopped and got a picture just moments before he
(the spider) disappeared into the grass. At least 6 inches in diameter!

I know, I should have put a toe next to him for perspective,
but Mary was in the car and already slightly terrified that we were going to get bitten. —
Or was she just concerned that we were wasting time when there were more sites to see today? ↓
40cr -tarantula

↓ Itty bitty brown frog on the end of this branch. Not an inch in diameter. ↓
46recr frog

Tuesday night — Jungalows at Rio Bec Dreams!

↓ To even begin to appreciate this you have to read this section of my journal.
Let me assure you it was the answer to our dreams… and lodging. ↓
48 menu

↓ I’m looking more like my Grandmother Jessie Cramer all the time! ↓
51 Susan

↓ The warm glow of dinner on its way.
(It is chilly here. We are all wearing jackets to dinner, though not dinner jackets.) ↓
52 warm glow of dinner

↓ Isn’t that cozy looking? More pictures taken in the daytime are coming. ↓
1238br cozy

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