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All photos on these pages, unless otherwise noted, were taken by Susan or Joe Peter and are copyrighted. Stories are also protected under copyright laws. Contact us for permission to use either.

3 days of bicycling July 2008
Puget Sound Bicycle & Ferry Trip - Bainbridge Island, Kitsap Penninsula, Seattle
Yucatan 2007
2007 trip to the Yucatan Peninsula.
Great Lakes 2006
Great Lakes Trip September/October 2006 -- This links to my Live Journal photo galleries.
While in the galleries, click on the photos to view them larger.
Sailing the Pacific 2005
3 stories about my August 2005 sailing adventure.
Advice to would-be sailors is 7 pages.
Journal of my sailboat trip -- first 10 days 25 printed pages, 13K words.
Journal of my sailboat trip -- last 5 days 20 printed pages

I am still working to complete publication of my second adventure -- aboard the m/s Rhein Bridge.

First 8 pages --ILLUSTRATED-- of my containership story (or, after I left the sailboat, how I got home from the middle of the Pacific Ocean.) Second 8 pages --ILLUSTRATED-- of my containership story (Exploring the Ship.) First Half of my containership story Not illustrated.
Link to Coast Guard sets rescue record, a story By David Waite reporter for the Honolulu posted on Saturday, November 5, 2005.


Indian Heaven June 26, 2005

Salmonberry River August 2006

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