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Wednesday December 5
Early morning at Rio Bec Dreams and
On the road to Calakmul, the primary objective of this trip.

↓ The morning view of our “jungalow”, on the right, bathhouse on the left.
Mary & Josh’s cabin is distant center. ↓
60 morning jungalow

↓ Our room interior ↓

Pict0036 interior

↓ Breakfast outside at Rio Bec Dreams ↓
68 breakfast

↓ Dining hall for “inside” dining with dance floor in the distance ↓
69 dining

↓ A few orchids in the jungle garden here ↓
71cr orchid1

72cr orchid2

↓ And a third orchid ↓
73 orchid3

↓ This is not a Pemex station. ↓
76 not Pemex

↓ This is at the non-Pemex station. Lots of folks use bicycles, even way out here in rural areas.
We saw lots of turkeys, domestic and wild. ↓
78 turkeys and bike

↓ This is not a picture of us buying black market gasoline. ↓
84 not what it looks like

↓ The side road to Calakmul.
87 road to Calakmul

↓ A view of the map. Xpujil in the center where the roads cross.
The Mexico/Belice (former British Honduras) border along a river in the lower right;
the yellow wiggly road on the lower left goes to Calakmul. ↓
89 map of Xpujil region
↑ This morning's drive is about 130 km -- 65 on the highway to the turnoff, 65 more along the wiggly yellow road.
The straight yellow-green lines show the Biosphere Reserve.
Few if any of these roads are shown continuing south into Belize or Guatamala. ↑

↓ Tiny red mushrooms found along this 65 km side road to Calakmul. We found them when we made a brief stop. ↓

Pict0004 red mushrooms

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