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Friday night in Vallidolid
(11 pictures)

↓ Hotel Zaci ( ↓
61 hotel zaci

↓ Lobby (Sorry, a little fuzzy cause it was nighttime and I wasn't using a tripod.) ↓
32 lobby

↓ Beyond the lobby. This is the hotel the guidebooks recommended for our price range. ↓
40 hotel

↓ Hotel pool. (It was all a really nice place. We were so impressed.)
See the concrete swans on the neighboring wall? ↓
41 hotel pool

↓ This place had some nice maps on their wall.
Vallidolid is the major city just south of the main highway,
and halfway between Merida and Cancun. ↓
42 map

↓ Dinner a couple of blocks away and just off the city Square. ↓
49 dinner

Strolling around town after dinner.
(Or, Trying to find our way back to our hotel...)

↓ In the round concrete chairs of the Square.
In another corner we saw them setting up for a festival activity. ↓
52 round chairs

↓ Balloon man on the Square.
He has a bad leg and his tricycle has been modified for him. ↓
58 balloon man

↓ Cargo tricycles for sale. $200 - $250 US dollars
Not fancy, not multispeed, no evidence of molybdenum alloy parts. ↓
59 trikes for sale

↓ Valladolid bus depot at night. Right behind our hotel. ↓
71 bus depot

↓ Broken glass on top of wall behind our hotel.
The wall protected the parking lot
and the hotel's laundry that was hung there during the day. ↓
68 broken glass on wall

Tomorrow is our last day. So sad.

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