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Friday Afternoon: Chichen Itza

↓ Like Uxmal, this is a big tourist site and has a big entrance. ↓
0110 entry

↓ Unlike any place else we have been so far, this site has vendors -- miles of them. ↓
39 vendors

↓ Lots of folks walking around. It is still a couple weeks before high season. ↓
41 people

↓ Famous ball court. It has a little building at one end of its long playing field.
The camera is looking into the open mouth of a serpent. (We'll see him again.) ↓
43 ball court

↓ The “press box” above the ball court.
I believe it was not centered along the side, but toward one end of the court. ↓
45 press box

↓ Hoop of ball court ↓

↓ Ball court again. See the shadow of the hoop? ↓
46 hoop shadow

↓ At the far end of the ball court, this is the other end of that snake we saw before.
A snake with a head at each end! ↓

↓ We've left the ball court.
Skull wall. Not really skulls, just carved stone. ↓
0101 skull wall

↓ Where’s Joe? …At Chichen Itz's "signture" pyramid. ↓
52 wheres joe

↓ Another serpent with its mouth open, (and a tongue hanging out?).
This snake is coming down the stairs of the big pyramid,
which they won’t let you climb. ↓
56 serpent next to stairs

↓ It was hot. We appreciated the shade.
Temple of the Warriors in the background. ↓
59 we appreciated the shade

↓ Up close at the Temple of the Warriors almost
all you can see are the pillars and what appears to be a wall behind them.
This is a late Maya city, built when it was a more pugnacious society. ↓
64 temple closeup

↓ Each pillar has a warrior carved on it; hence the name given to this building. ↓
68 individual pillar

↓ More of the rain god Chaac’s noses. ↓
74 more chaac noses

More of Chichen Itza, but away from the primary area.
These ruins around the Market Place are unfamiliar to me.

↓ Tic Tac Toe game, with extra X’s, but the O’s won anyway. ↓
76 tic tac toe

↓ Fancy work on a low wall near the market place. ↓
0106 fancy work on low wall

↓ A market place (equivalent of the Roman Forum?) ↓
83 marketplace

↓ Mary going to market. ↓
82 Mary going to market.

↓ Sign directing us to one of two ancient Steam Baths here. ↓
86 steam bath

↓ Not serpents with those big fat tongues.
They look like hippos, but are probably lions (panthers). ↓
94 big fat tongues

↓ They got us for 100 pesos. ↓
98 100 pesos

We thought we were done and heading for the exit
when we ran across yet another set of ruins here.
And a good one too!

↓ The Observatory – called this because of its rounded dome.
I don't believe they know what it was used for.
Note how little are the people in this photo. This is up on a large raised platform. ↓
13 observatory 1

↓ A close-up of The Observatory ↓
01 observatory 2

↓ A gargoyle with an arrow through his head. ↓
03 gargoyle 1

↓ Another gargoyle with an arrow through his head!
I know, someone else might describe these faces differently,
but we were very tired and getting kind of rummy. ↓
04 gargoyle 2

↓ Looking inside the Observatory. ↓
06 inside observatory

↓ This inverted V is the false arch that was used to create the spiral staircase vault. ↓
12 spiral staircase

↓ Known as “The Church”. ↓
18br church

↓ A pretty yellow flowering vine. ↓
23 yellow flower

Tomorrow is Saturday and the day we go home,
but first we have to find a place to sleep tonight.
Kristine recommended that, after Chichen, we drive on to Vallidolid for tonight's hotel.

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