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Friday Midday: Town of Acanceh

↓ Woman in a traditional dress.
A long petticoat, almost always lace, hangs several inches below the dress's hemline.
Note that these cargo tricycles are everywhere. ↓
00cr trad dress

↓ Another traditional dress, we usually them with saw a shawl like this. ↓
02 trad dress with shawl

↓ Loaded truck and speed bump sign.
When the truck had passed, we saw this next scene behind it... ↓
03 truck

↓ Pig’s head and other unknown pieces of meat for sale at this home's front gate. ↓
04 pigs head

↓ Wedding photo in a store. Very old looking, and very common site.
The man depicted in the photo was right there too. ↓
05 old wedding photo

↓ Wooden framed cart being pushed by a motorcycle.
(Like the tricycles we've been seeing, but heavier duty.) ↓
07 wood cart

↓ Building bleachers for the coming religious festival.
-- Cutting the wood plank with a hooked machete-looking thingy. ↓
08 building bleachers

↓ Across this empty city block to more bleachers under construction. ↓
09 across the square

↓ Multi-level bleachers with shade roofs; microwave and cell tower. ↓
10 microwave and cell tower

↓ And directly across the street – their local pyramid.
We would have stopped of course, but we were too hungry. ↓
11 pyramid

↓ Street scene with another tricycle and another shawled woman. ↓
14 shawled woman

↓ Our translator who got us dinner.
We thought she worked there, but she was just a friendly customer who got to practice her English on us. ↓
15 friendly person

↓ Two of our cooks in this little restaurant. The food was great too! ↓
16 two cooks

↓ Third friendly cook at this establishment. ↓
17 third cook

↓ Church towering over the big empty lot.
It must be their town square, but usually these have been park-like. ↓
18 church

↓ The front view of another dressed up woman.
I finally got brave and asked for permission to snap a picture.

19 wheres joe

↓ A parasol. Not an uncommon site. Oh, there's another trike. ↓
23 parasol

↓ Elevated water barrels at the front of every house.
I expect there is a truck that comes around to fill them. ↓
24 water barrels

↓ Bus stop where we got on the freeway at Ticopo. ↓
32cr bus stop

↓ Map showing entire top half of the Yucatan peninsula.
This was from Kristine at The Flycatcher Inn. She marked our route for us. ↓
33 map 1

↓ Close up of where we are now – the bus stop at Ticopo. ↓
34 map 2

Chichen Itza this afternoon...

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