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Friday Morning: Loltun Caverns
(only 12 pictures)

↓ Prehistoric bas relief of a warrior.
(I'm not sure I can see him either, but he dates from 2200 to 2500 BC.) ↓
26 warrior bas relief

↓ Inside the cavern. Archeological research started in 1959.
(A cavern is distinct from a cave in that, once inside, you can't see any natural light.
Here they have electric lighting.) ↓
34 inside the cave

↓ “Grand Canyon Room” ↓
 55 grand canyon room

↓ Looking straight up at bats in a nest, ↓
42br bats

↓ Smooth floor (it had ripple marks, but the photo isn't focused enough to see them).
Rivers of water wash through this cave regularly in the rainy season. ↓
52 rippled floor

↓ Formations ↓
56br formations

↓ More formations ↓
62 more formations

↓ Light on the vines coming down through yet another hole in the roof. ↓
72 another hole in the roof

↓ Actually it was a pair of holes in the roof. ↓
68 pair of holes in the roof

↓ A hand.
There is more prehistoric artwork in this cave that is not open for public viewing yet. ↓
61 hand

↓ On the right, see the trees growing down into the cavern’s collapsed roof. ↓
79 tree 1

↓ This is our exit with another tree dropping it's roots down. A Banyan tree, I think the guide said. ↓
83 Banyan tree

↓ A coffee tree perhaps? (Growing in the thicket along the path to the parking lot.) ↓
84 coffee tree?

Next, Friday mid-day spent in the town of Acanceh.

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