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Saturday, December 1, 2007
Getting to the Yucatan and
Sunday at Playa del Carmen, Xel–Ha, and Tulum

↓ Our Route and destination — through Salt Lake City to Cancun International Airport ↓

613 map

↓ One of 2 de–icing rigs at Salt Lake City International ↓

611 de–icer

Sunday morning — Playa del Carmen:

↓ At the Hotel Hul–ku — the morning after our first night ↓

618 At the Hotel Hul–ku

↓ Joe, Josh (and Mary) at the ramped escalator at the Playa del Carmen Walmart ↓

622 escalator  158 kb old, new:521 kb

Sunday morning — Xel–Ha (Shel–ha)

↓ Me beside the paintings that still remain intact at Xel–Ha ↓

628 x–H  175 kb old, 579kb new

↓ There are many Iguanas here and they like to hold very still for the camera,
unless they are running away. ↓

633 x–h iguana

↓ Our first view of the cenote at Xel–Ha ↓

642 Z–H Cenote

↓ I was the first one in ↓

643 Z–H Susan in Cenote

↓ Joe and fan palm in the well–maintained portion of the pathway to the cenote ↓

0646 joe and fan palm

Sunday afternoon — The ruins at Tulum

↓ Pretty plant on the pedestrian roadway into Tulum ↓

0654 magenta plant at Tutum

↓ Trees grow up through the elevated paths.
Ancient Mayas built roads like this, paved with crushed white limestone gravel
making them easier to see at night, a cooler time to travel.
They built hundreds of kilometers of these roads, say the signs. ↓

656cr trees in roadway

↓ Sign at Entrance to Tulum. ↓

0657 entrance sign

↓ Close up of map of Tulum from the entrance sign. Tulum faces the sea. ↓
0660 closeup of map of Tulum

↓ Plan of this ancient port city that shows its walls. This was built as a fort and lighthouse complex. ↓
663 plan

↓ Landscape of Tulum ↓

0667 first landscape of T

↓ This city was built late in Mayan history and is said to be of poorer quality. Note the tippy building on the left. ↓
0668 tippy building

↓ Face at corner ↓
675 face at corner

↓ Tulum is on the Caribbean Sea and has two small beaches within the ruins. ↓

0679 T waterfront

↓ ↓
0682 swimmers

↓ Boats from the town of Tulum to the south. The waves are breaking on a reef. ↓
683 boats and reef

↓ Iguana close up. We saw many Iguanas here and at Xel–Ha, but not later on the trip. ↓

0686 Iguana closeup

↓ A hint of the bigger beach, though even it is just a little cove. ↓
0690 cove

↓ Josh, me, and Mary ↓
695 M, Josh, and me

↓ Josh and Mary ↓

0696cr j & m

↓ Good geology sign ↓
0697cr T. geology sign

↓ A perfect yucca by the exit gate ↓
701 perfect yucca

↓ Crowds, but obviously not too bad ↓

0702 crowds

↓ Bougainvillea ↓
0704 bougainvillea

↓ One of our Tulum entry tickets. Note, these are $45 Mexican pesos, not $45 USD. Less than $4.50 in US Dollars ↓

0709 T. tickets

↓ Back side of a ticket. I appreciate the sentiment. ↓
0710 backside

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