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My Stories and photos:

Transportation related photos.

Energy related photos -- Our 2009 PV Solar installation.

Flowers... Mushrooms... Flowers up close... and other things from nature...

Family and Friends:
Joe's Father's Family -- in photos and text.
See Cousin Bernadettes's excellent slide show, created for The Val Peter Family Reunion 2011.

Susan's Family Tree

Link to Mary and Josh's "Trip of a Lifetime" Blog

Other sites:

My background is Map-maker, Librarian, & Naturalist
In 2002 I co-authored a nature book for the Tualatin Riverkeepers: Exploring the Tualatin River Basin, published by Oregon State University Press

Favorite links:
Rice Bowl Vocabulary Game I am not much for games, but this one was very satisfying
(ie. I did well on it)

The Story of Stuff is a sest of useful environmental videos

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