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Wednesday Afternoon at Calakmul

Climbing Number 1

↓ This is a telephoto view of Structure 1 from Structure 2.
See the stela up near the top -- third terrace down? ↓
61 telephoto of S.1

↓ Some history of Calakmul ↓
71 sign 4

↓ Jungle trees right out of a Tolkein book...they seem to be walking. ↓
73 walking trees.

↓ Map of plaza showing Structures 2, and 1 and 7.
Number 7 will be our last climb of the day, unless you count climbing into bed. ↓
79 Map of plaza

↓ Looking up the cable. A zip line temporarily mounted to the pyramid.
Only time we saw this sort of thing. ↓

Pict0026 zip line up

↓ Looking down at Mary and Josh from below the winch level. ↓
82 looking down at M & J

↓ And looking up at the winch from this point. ↓
83 looking up at winch

↓ Joe wanted to photograph this vulture who, like the Maya priests, took advantage of the vantage point. ↓
88 Joe photographing vulture 1

↓ My shot of the vulture ↓
85cr vulture closeup

↓ We’re Number 1 !! -- Or at least on top of Number 1 ↓
89 we’re number 1

↓ The view from Number 1!
Looking at Number 2 (from this angle it looks like a green tree–covered hill), and
to the right in the far distance, Number 13 (where we ate lunch; looks like a speck of light) ↓
90 looking at 2 and 13

↓ Again, the hill on the left edge of the screen is the unexcavated slope of Number 2;
Structure 13 in the left distance is the one we ate lunch on top of; the one on the right is Number 7. ↓
93 distance photo of structure 13 and 7

↓ Showing off the telephoto lense with a view of Number 7 — the next, and our last, pyramid today.
Except 13 which is not on the main plaza, these numbers all show on the map of the plaza, back a few frames. ↓
95 telephoto of no.7

↓ We were down a level from the top, and Josh was still a couple of terraces up from the bottom.
On the right, we are looking down on and past the "third terrace" stela I pointed out on the first photo. ↓

Pict0029 looking down seeing stela

↓ Josh is standing on the porch of this structure, not the ground.
See the stela up near the top shown in the previous picture? ↓
96 see the stela

Leaving the big ones behind,
we head for the exit with only minor diversions (Monkeys and Structure 7).

↓ Down the avenue toward the spider monkey family.
(Rick at Rio Bec Dreams told us to watch for them at this location.) ↓
98 avenue to spider monkeys

↓ Monkeys — Joe asked for these 2 photos to be included. ↓
09 Monkeys 1

10 Monkeys 2

↓ Base of Number 7. This photo show the steepness of many of these pyramids,
and also gives an example of the height of one of the “porches”. ↓

Pict0031 steep steps

↓ Stairway to heaven ↓
11 stairway to heaven

↓ A little less light on the subjects ↓
12 better light

↓ On Number 7 with Structure 2 in the background ↓
16 on number 7, 2 in background

↓ Josh and stelae below Number 7 ↓
18 stelae below number 7

↓ Our receipt for the fee we paid to use this 65 kilometer access road.
Note 40 pesos equal less than 4 dollars US, and except for one washout, it was in good condition. ↓
24 receipt for road use

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