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Wednesday evening
and Thursday early morning — relaxing at Rio Bec Dreams

↓ A moth on the water pump timer
See his little pink feet? ↓
26cr  moth

↓ An underwing view. ↓
28cr moth2

↓ Another bug in the bathhouse – he has pretty shiny eyes! ↓
32cr   black bug

↓ Our room; bug-proofed with screens. (Hey, its a jungle out there!) ↓
34 our room

↓ Our room from the outside -- with the Isenglas windows [plastic curtains] rolled all the way up. ↓
35 outside our room

↓ The dance floor at night ↓
42 dance floor

↓ This mural on the wall of the outdoor bar is an artists rendition of Becan, where we will go tomorrow morning. ↓
47 mural on bar

Moon Handbook says:
"-- by the time the Spanish reached the Yucatan in the early 1500's, the majority of sites had been abandoned for at least 300 years, and in some cases double or triple that."

An engraving from the 1800's by F. Catherwood was on a nearby wall.
Fredrick Catherwood and J.L. Stephens explored the Yucatan 1839--41, and wrote some books about their adventures which the Moon Handbook says are
" condensed into a very readable volume, Incidents of Travel in Yucatan (Panorama Editorial, 1988)."

Before we went on our trip (which was also before we read the guidebook) the only other non-guide book we'd found listed for our pre-trip reading was a murder mystery that included highway bandits and corrupt Federales.
We decided not to read it.

↓ A close up of the mural above. ↓
48 mural 2

↓ Food at Rio Bec Dreams ↓
58 food1

59    food 2

↓ Our admission tickets to Calakmul ↓
65 tickets

Leaving Rio Bec Dreams Thursday morning

↓ More turkeys ↓
76 turkeys again 1

77 turkeys again 2

↓ The nani fruit from the kids in Limones. We tasted them (unripe) and threw them away. ↓
78 nani fruits

Becan, the ruin shown in last night's murals, is close by...

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