Salmonberry River Hike - Belding to Salmonberry -- August 20, 2006

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01. Red Xs show Hwy 26 turnoffs; hi-lite show trail hiked. Left a car at Salmonberry and then drove to Belding to start the hike.
02. Saddle Mountain maybe
03. Emily Parker in front of 1925 Bridge with tunnel beyond
04. Gathering to hear about railroad technology
05. Scott, Joe, Emily, Paul, Jack, Jeff
06. Jeff hefting one of many big pieces of metal we found
07. The Salmonberry River
08. Segmented worms that Paul found
09. Deep shade in the Salmonberry River makes the crystaline water almost disappear
10. These are alder trees, but we saw plenty of Salmonberry bushes too
11. Clear water, many pools
12. Emily, Jack, and Paul, with another piece of railroad
13. A skull. Paul says the many fine bones mean this is the nose end
14. Brain stem end. Possbily elk
15. I love to see how the bones of the skull are knitted together
16. A little green worm
17. Oil on the tracks arranged in a wave pattern
18. The town of Enright. No road access except railroad
19. A lizard. Did Paul call it a Dragon lizard
20. Water tower, no longer in use
21. Emily went up and in to verify the details
22. Joe found 2 of these walls, all that remains of an old wooden box car. Possibly rolled into this position next to the tracks to become a building
23. Plenty of rapids
24. As well as plenty of clear water pools
25. Jack found many greasers. This one is intact
26. Box is full of grease, hoses carry it to tracks to keep wheels from squealing (and wearing) on the curves
27. Wheels press the nubbin, u-joints rotate the rod to trigger the grease pump
28. 1922 bridge. Many bridges, only a few had superstructures
29. Oh Look! It has a ladder!
30. Scott on top
31. Jeff going for a stroll
32. End of the line for us. That is a locomotive in the distance. Scott walking the rails
33. Fortunately it was parked. Emily and Paul explored it first
34. Joe and Scott had to explore too. Several engines
35. A load of lumber coming from the coast
36. A little engineering analysis of the parts
37. The coupling
38. This bridge had a ladder too. Emily and Jeff
39. Then Paul went up. I feared we'd have the whole crowd up there for a photo, but the day was getting late so we didn't have time...
40. Took many more hours to get back to Belding to pick up the other car
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Photos mostly taken by Susan Peter using Scott Parker's Minolta DiMage x60