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Download Cat's Meow FREE from this page

Please use this Windows Installer file
to download the Cat's Meow, Contact Access Database, in two versions.

Both Applications download simultaneously. Installing Cat's Meow makes no changes to your system. It just copies a few files onto the hard drive. (No .exe involved; you can safely ignore the security warning.)

This file is 6 MB and might take 2-3 minutes to download. A pair of links will appear on your Desktop...each with a cat's face.
cat head image from BebopGraphics
Cat's Meow requires Microsoft Access (any version). If you are unsure, then double-click the Practice Database shortcut. If Access is installed, Cat's Meow should start up (once past the Security Warnings -see next paragraph and sidebar). If not, download the free Runtime Access → See red note in sidebar. →

More Security Warnings will almost certainly appear as you open the desktop shortcuts. See Security notes in sidebar for navigation advice. →

1) A Practice Application
linked to a dummy data file so you can see how it works.
image of opening screens

I recommend that you experience the practice version before working with an empty data file.

(Most of a database's features don't "work" without data.)

Create or modify some records, run some reports, create a letter, view a mailing, and explore the Groups features.

2) A Blank Application
-- a not-yet-customized version of the Cat's Meow application --linked to an empty data file.
image of opening screens

When you're ready, use the Blank Application to place your records into the empty* data file.

(*Actually, we populated it with a single name.)

What we charge for, and what we don't

  • You may use Cat's Meow Application for free in either of the above, downloadable forms. These Application designs are protected and can't be changed. The Cat's Meow Application is copyrighted.
  • Free assistance as you learn to use the database, and beyond. For non-profits who ask, I can arrange to come visit for on-site training.
  • Please plan to set up free remote assistance training software so we can communicate effectively. Set up your account at Then invite me to watch or assist as you operate your computer. It is a service we have used for years and works well.
Chargeable services:
  • Data conversion.
  • Letterhead, etc designed to your specifications.
  • Additional future changes to your forms, letterheads, reports, etc.
  • Customization of the Application's functions to specific needs unique to your organization.
System Setup:
  • A simple system -- one computer, one user at a time -- is easy to set up. Rarely do we feel we need to be on-site to set it up, so only rarely would we need to charge.
  • A networked system -- enables sharing the database across two or more computers. This allows many users to access Cat's Meow Database simultaneously.

    We can come to your site to survey your existing network, determine the best strategy, and implement this system for you. We love to travel, so would not normally expect you to cover our travel expenses, however we do charge for our time on-site.

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