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Thursday Afternoon
along the road and visiting the town of

↓ Nice house close to the road. Note the pretty paint, satellite dish, flat roof,
and bars on the windows. Often there is no window glass for security
and bars provide security and ventilation. ↓
79 green house1

↓ The rounded end wall of a typical house in what might have been the town of Konchen ↓
80 house2

↓ Rounded corners on this thatch-roofed stucco house
makes me think it is a traditional stick house
with thick stucco applied over its stick walls
(rather than just another concrete block house which would probably have square corners). ↓
81 house3

↓ Another flat-roofed house with concrete winged horses decorating the surrounding wall. ↓
85 house4

↓ A town square. See the line of women sitting in the shade of the tree? ↓
82 town square

↓ Cargo trike parked in front of a concrete block house with a stone wall. ↓
84 cargo trike

↓ Transporting the family on one of these trikes.
We saw this a lot. ↓
86 transporting family

↓ Municipal building in Xcupil ↓
89 municipal building

↓ Approaching a road construction area.
The town we just passed through will soon be bypassed. ↓
90cr road before construction

93 road under construction1

↑ Road under construction with equipment (3 pictures). ↓
94 road under construction2
95 road under construction3

Hopelchen is a large town,
the business center of a farming community,
and it has an ATM!

↓ This is the traditional dress, mostly worn by older women.
More cargo tricycles parked here at the edge of the town square.
The one on the left has an awning to provide shade for passengers and driver. ↓
02 Traditional dress

↓ One of several wells right here in the center of town.
This one has a pump hooked up to it. ↓
03 pump

↓ "Believe it!" says the poster in the bank window.
"This Christmas you could have an Avenger in your garage."
We were happy to have access to an ATM for the first time in a few days. ↓
07cr bank poster

↓ A Catholic church with decorations up for Holy Days
It was refurbished in 1979 ↓
11 church outside

↓ Inside the church ↓
13 church inside

22 farmers 2

↑ Well-dressed farmers of European descent (though I'm just guessing here)
in a farm community. ↓
21 farmers 1

↓ Joe went into the Ladie's Bar (how is that pronounced do you suppose?)
to use the restroom and he said the folks were friendly. ↓
23 Ladie’s bar

↓ These trikes are used for taxi service too, no doubt.
Note the awning and plastic film windows, and the cell tower in the background.
One of the town's wells is on the right. ↓
26 trike with plastic film windows

↓ Another view of the town square. ↓
27 town square

Back on the road...

↓ Map of this region which is fairly densely populated.
We're on the red road in the center of the page headed north for Kabah, Santa Elena, and Uxmal.

33 map of Hopelchen area
(Look to the left of Kabah and see Dzitbalchen; one more name similar to Dzibalchen and Dzibanche.
I wonder what Dzi means in Mayan?)
We saw the turn off for Xtacumbilxunan.

↓ Another nice little house — little oval rectangles with rounded ends.
And an electric meter. ↓
35 house
↑The road has recently been rebuilt at a higher grade
and the town put in street trees all along it (not shown here).↑

↓ Further down the road, another house a little less trim. ↓
36 rougher house

↓ Big topiary ↓
37 topiary

↓ Woman in more typical clothes. ↓
39 trad. dress

↓Crossing the state line from Campeche into Yucatan. ↓
44 state line

↓A typical roadsign.
Uxmal and Chichen-Itza are on our tour. The beach with its palm tree is not. ↓
43 roadsign

Next we’ll make a quick stop at a minor ruin -- Kabah
The sun will soon be setting; only two days left of our trip

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