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Thursday Morning after Becan

↓ Xpujil corner store -- First of 4 shots inside this grocery market. ↓
0055 Xpujil corner store 1

0058 br Xpujil corner store 2

↓ The check out counter. ↓
0059 Xpujil corner store 3

↓ The back set of shelves is candy with disposable diapers on the top and piñatas hanging in front.
Groceries from Kelloggs Cornflakes to local bulk produce and dry beans.↓
0060 br Xpujil corner store 4

↓ The police seem pretty well established at this major crossroads. That is their tent.
Note the speed hump/elevated crosswalk. We found speed humps EVERYWHERE. ↓
0061 police in Xpujil

↓ 2 photos of a school on the edge of Xpujil. ↓
63 Xpujil school

0064 school 2

↓ Houses in Zoh-Laguna, just north of Xpujil. ↓
0065 houses in Zoh-Laguna 1

↓ Zoh-Laguna was built in the 1950’s as a lumber company town.
Virtually all of the houses in this town are built of lumber, and not with the standard floor plan either. ↓
0066 houses in Zoh-Laguna 2

↓ Repairing the northbound highway. We saw lots of road construction. ↓
0068 repairing northbound 1

↓ On the left is a hill -- a bit of a rarity by our experience. ↓
0070 repairing northbound 2

↓ Iglesia Cristiana [Church of Christ? Christian Church?]. ↓
32 church

↓ CAM on the shield is for Campeche State.
This road sign is at the “T” at the top of that northbound road we traveled for a couple of hours. ↓
34 road sign

↓ Street scene; maybe in Ucum? Few cars, many bicycles. ↓
35 street scene 1

↓ Another street scene, probably same unknown town.
(Sorry, a little windshield reflection in the lower left of these two.) ↓
36 street scene 2

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